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the hungry dinner club.

welcome to

The Dining Box! Host an unforgettable dinier party at home!

Every few weeks I drop a new version of a "dining experience box", complete with everything you need to host an unforgettable dinier party at home with your guest! Sign up to get notified when the next box drops here. 

Developed an appetite? Let's fix that: Get in touch!

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About your always hungry host.

My hobby is not cooking. It is hands down EATING. Lounging around a big dinner table with friends or family and mopping up leftover sauce with some bread is the reason of life to me. 

Dinier Events – Invite Yourself

The core of Dinier and how it all started: Hosting great dinner parties with Dinier members, that all have one thing in common: the love for food. Sign up to get notified for next events and meet amazing people and flavours.

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