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In this dinner club carbs are superheroes. Loud laughs and second servings are a must. And spilled wine on that white table cloth is a soulful decoration to us. We are not about the perfectly crafted Michelin Star menu but all about the pleasure of food and experience around the dinner table.  
Evelyne Wyss is a creative director and food editor. Her passion for hosting was inherited where dinner and cooking clubs have run in the past 3 generations of Evelyne’s family. Her past as a creative copywriter in advertising and fashion magazines such as Vogue have manifested in highly creative and conceptual thinking. Later she went on to co-found and creative direct the Swiss start up “Opend”. Simultaneously her supper club took off and after numerous collaborations she decided to follow her passion and open a Culinary Consultancy to support brands around food and dining moments.
"People think that Dinier started in 2020 in the kitchen of my Zurich apartment where I suddenly found myself preparing 35 dining-at-home boxes for some random people that messaged me on Instagram about this Valentine’s Day Menu that I sold for fun. But really, Dinier started a long time ago, in 1997 on 'Bring-your-hobby to Kindergarden'-day where in full panic the night before I 'confessed' to my mother that in fact eating was my hobby. The wisdom preserved itself and today in 2023 Dinier has evolved from a hobby, to a business. And thus everything I do comes from a place of passion and authenticity."

  What grew from a natural devotion now turned into:
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