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Thanks you're on the list!


Every event is carefully made up of a personal guestlist with up to 15 people. At the moment you can only participate in our events as a Dinier Member or  by recommendation of a Dinier Member. 

Want to become a member?

We take on new members by referrals of Dinier members so that we know everyone who comes to our dinners. Dinier Members can bring up to plus 3 guest to the table like this we get to know all our hungry people! Every new guest can then apply to become a member and enjoy member benefits such as access to events, early access to limited box drops and discounts on boxes & events. Membership price upon request.

"Better than a restaurant: The food is delicious with always a new theme. And besides discovering new flavors I met new people at every event!"

Davy Renaud

Dinier Club Member

Invite yourself!

Meet new people and flavours.

Take a seat at one of our food-filled and laughter filled tables! Every few months we plan new concepts to wow you with and have you meet new Dinier members. Every Event is hosted by Evelyne personally. Sign up to get notified when we host our next Dinner.

*To get invited you must get recommended by another dinier member, get invited directly by us or apply for a membership. Don't be shy - we love meeting new people!

Only yummy things

Every dinner party that you attend has been carefully put together with a lot of attention to detail, ideas and ingredients sourced from the best places, freshly prepared in our kitchen. 

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